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  • TenFest 2020

    Call for scripts Extended


    TENFEST 2020



    Deadline Extended to April 30th.


    The Vermont Playwrights Circle is still seeking scripts for their annual TenFest, a ten-minute play festival held at the Valley Players Theatre in Waitsfield, Vermont, August 20th - 23rd.



    Be sure to email with a PDF which has no author contact or details on it.


    We’re looking for plays with the following theme this year: “Hindsight is 20 20”

    Explore for us what is clear to your characters in retrospect, their epic failures, successes, the clarity found in the aftermath of events, or even the small moments made clear by the passage of time.


    TenFest is part of the Vermont Festival of the Arts, and only Vermont playwrights are eligible to submit. A Vermont playwright is defined by VPC as anyone who currently lives in Vermont, was born in Vermont or who has lived in Vermont for three months consecutively at some point in his or her life. Please carefully read and follow these guidelines, even if you have submitted before, as some of these have changed.

    1. A ten-minute play is usually no longer than 8-10 typed pages.  We are now stricter about running time and will time your play before passing it along to our readers.  Please read your script aloud to check the time.  Remember to add time for any non-verbal actions. Please do not send us a play that you know is longer even though you have squeezed it into 10 pages.
    2. Only plays with five or fewer characters will be considered.  Please note that we tend to have many more women actors than men, and we are dedicated to supporting & representing all genders in our festival, so plays with roles for women or non gendered characters, (or those that can be cast as any gender) are encouraged, and we may reach out to writers about cross casting gendered roles.
    3. Although, of course, there are exceptions, keep in mind that some of the very best 10-minute plays take place in one scene, with one set, in one continuous time span, i.e., without time lapses.  
    4. Simple sets with limited set pieces are encouraged and appreciated.  This helps facilitate quick set changes between plays.
    5. Only one ten-minute play per author will be accepted. 
    6. Resubmissions will be accepted.  Please double check that you have followed all the guidelines and have made significant revisions if necessary to comply with any changed guidelines.
    7. Format for submissions: Please submit FOUR titled copies of the script, typed and in standard play format, such as this example: http://playwrightscentersf.org/submissions/docs/PCSFPlayFormat2012.pdf.  Use a font such as Courier, Arial, or Times, 12-point, with one-inch margins.  
    • The playwright’s name should not appear on any pages of the script.  However, the title of the play and pagination SHOULD most definitely be included on all pages, along with pagination.
    • Include the playwright’s name and contact information on a separate cover page only.  No bound scripts. A simple staple in the top left hand corner will suffice.
    • Submit a one-page sheet with a full character listing, including a brief description of each character, synopsis of no more than 50-75 words, and a single tag line (ex: Two artists meet in a park, confusion ensues)
    • There is no reading/submission fee.
    • Playwrights will be notified on or near April 10th, 2020.

    Postmark Deadline is April 30, 2020.

    E-mail submissions CAN BE ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME! Just Email us at vtplaywrightscircle@gmail.com




  • Who we are & what we do...

    We are theater artists from many disciplines, and

    we are theater lovers who want more original works.

    Best of TenFest, 2018

    Cast of 1,3,2 by Michael Weems,

    Barry Bolio & Christine Williamson



    What do we do?

    We promote original theater works written by Vermont Writers. We consider a Vermont Writer anyone who has lived in Vermont for a period of three consecutive months at any time in their lives. We believe that in living a season in Vermont, people create lasting connections to the state that they take with them when the move, and we recognize that our seasonal community members contribute a value to our local artist community.

  • Workshops

    Now at a new location

    On the Third Tuesday of each Month

    Currently, the workshop is being held on Zoom. Please email vtplaywrightscircle@gmail.com for current information.


    From 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

    When in person, in The Hub at Berlin Mall.

    282 Berlin Mall Rd
    Berlin, VT 05602
    (Space is near to the JC Penny Store)


    Join us for snacks, discussion, and the reading of up to 3 playwrights work (up to 20 pages each). We’ll have people to read your work too!

    RSVP to vtplaywrightscircle@gmail.com if you have work to share this month. Bring enough copies for all characters plus stage directions (1 for every 2 is fine.)


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    Our first Video Project - Silver Lining by Roger Strauss

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