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Writing Prompts

Because we all need a little inspiration now and then...

This section of our blog features fun prompts. We'll keep them in a running tab below, adding one at a time rather then deleting old ones, so you can always come here for a fun new challenge.

Newest Prompt...

November 23, 2018

There are some great groups out there doing writing challenges. has a fall challenge gong on through which we challenge you to find a prompt and commit to writing! So far there are 24 challenges posted, one for each day of the month. Check it out here:

Older promps


As Jyn Erso said in Star Wars, Rogue One...

"This is a rebellion, isn't it? I rebel."

Your mission is to write a scene in which you rebel. Rebel against the norms, the narrow minded, the hipster chic, whatever. Take 2 characters. Put them in a room. Let them duke it out over whatever it is one must rebel against. ....

October, 2016 Death in the Autumn...

This month's prompt - write about the dead...

Your scene (or short play) MUST Contain the following:

  • A number between 1 and 9
  • A shape (round, square, triangle, tetrahedron...)
  • A synonym for dead from 
  • An antonym for dead from the same link.
  • A coffin
  • A gliding object
  • Milk


September, 2016: One Word

This is an old, tried and true, exorcise with some new caveats added in.

Write one page of dialogue. Characters must speak only one word at a time. Number of characters is up to you. Other caveats added to this version of this exorcise are:

  1. You must use one of these fake words: Looncan, Pentwist, unpossible, diligord at some time in the scene. (These were generated 

HERE for your writing pleasure)

  1. *Go to the following site: 

The Idiomatic - and generate a fun phrase there. You are to use it for:

  • An opening phrase or a closing phrase
  • &/or the title of your scene

*Note: This is the one time in your scene that more than one word can be spoken at a time.

August, 2016: Lovers

Here is a prompt for writing a scene about or with lovers in it. Bring a scene to the August workshop to share. The scene must have the following:

  1. At least people talking about love, lust, or longing for another
  2. The line: I've always wanted to try that
  3. The motivation: One person wants something the other absolutely refuses to give them - be it a concession in an argument, a special item they both want, or the words, "I love you."
  4. At the end, someone must give in, or lose something
  5. The prop: A toaster

July 2016... Monologue Prompt

Monologues are important to actors. We need them in order to practice our craft, as well as audition for roles. But what of plays? Do they NEED monologues and if so why? Where and when do monologues come in handy? My suggestion this month is to do these 3 things:

  1. Check out this article on what a monologue is and how they are used: 
  1. Then watch the video (below) from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
  2. After you’ve done that, there are some good lists of starter prompts here: 
  1. Or chose your own reason to write the monologue. Perhaps you’ve got a project you are working on right now and it would benefit from a strategically placed monologue…

June 2016: Kid's say the Darndest things

This prompt from Chuck Wendig was just too good to resist. Click on his name to see the full prompt